That's just the way she goes boys.
Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't... Cuz that's the way she fucking goes.


A suicide pact is an agreed plan between two or more individuals to commit suicide. The plan may be to die together, or separately and closely timed.
Suicide pacts are generally distinct from mass suicide. The latter refers to incidents in which a larger number of people kill themselves together for the same ideological reason, often within a religious, political, military or paramilitary context. Suicide pacts, on the other hand, usually involve small groups of people (such as married or romantic partners, family members, or friends) whose motivations are typically non-ideological.

I always found these interesting… The human reaction if someone you know wants to kill themselves is to stop it. Not encourage it or even partake in it. I’ve always wondered about the mindset of people who make suicide pacts. 


when your bae cancels plans you were looking forward to



……………….. fuck you……fuck you……….. fuck you…….How about a fucking trigger warning next time. God damn why would you put this up on a website in which they are at least a few thousand kids on who’ve attempted and failed at taking their own life. Not the words. There is nothing triggering about the words. The gif….. The gif is too much…….. So many people go through this after a failed suicide attempt. The memories are never pleasant. They have to relive the torment they endured at the hands of the flawed mental health care system…….. One message to the maker of this gif. FUCK YOU. Oh get over yourself.
'oh no this triggered me lets sensor everything so i feel comfortable. If you're triggered THAT easily, get off the fucking internet.
When you make an adult decision without calling your mother first.




when you realize your adult decision has unforeseen consequences: